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There are so many business owners who operate with a “Ready, Fire, Aim” mindset. When you are in lockstep with the biggest frustrations of your audience, you can make relevant adjustments that have larger returns in the long run.


When you know the single biggest frustrations of your audience, you have everything you need to position your product or service. Simple tweaks here and small changes there make all the difference in attracting your ideal customers.


When your story resonates with your target market, you don’t have to continue to reinvent the wheel every month to get sales. Instead, you are able to create a systematic and repeatable process to convert your existing leads in to paying customers.


Does your conversion funnel stop at the point of purchase? If you answered yes, you are not alone. Continually assessing the needs and frustrations of your existing customers allows you to tune your fulfillment engine and crank out loyal customers.

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What’s holding you back?

Most businesses know where they want to go, but can’t seem to get there for three specific reasons


When success is primarily defined by internal goals (ie – units sold, appointments scheduled, dollars upsold), you can  be sure that you are inside-out. The most successful companies operate from the outside-in. They identify key customer behaviors that lead to the greatest customer satisfaction and ensure that this is all that matters.


Inside-out companies talk about themselves alot (as if the customer really cares about the company). Customers care about solving problems. Companies who win don’t sell widgets and features, they sell solutions to real problems.


“Ready, Fire, Aim!” the cry of many businesses today. Customers move fast and so should we. Yet, customers don’t want half-baked solutions with good marketing that almost solves their problems. They are looking for companies who “Get me,” and they reward you with their dollars.

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What our customers have to say.

I want to give a strong endorsement and testimonial for Mike Hilton of CXmybiz. Mike helped me to extract and clearly visualize meaningful insights about the prospects making their way through my funnel. These insights now inform and guide the content and resources I am creating, as well as the overall direction of my business.

Having clarity and a data-driven approach to support my decisions is absolutely invaluable. It means that I’m not wasting time. I’m doing things that are very deliberate to solve specific problems that my customers and prospects have raised their hand to say, “Yes, this is what I need.”

I can’t underscore my appreciation for Mike enough, and if you decide to work with him you won’t regret it either.

Greg Jenkins

CEO, Monkeypod Marketing, LLC

We are a publishing company who specializes in seasonal products. We contacted Mike Hilton with CXmybiz to help us with our new product launch for our book A Little Christmas Tree. Our objective was to sell 1500 copies in our first season, a daunting goal with a new product. We work-shopped with Mike on our marketing strategy and process flows for the seasonal push. The game plan that we left with focused us on our core consumer and a checklist of steps to execute on.

By following the prescribed game plan we exceeded our goal by 300 units and finished the season with 1800 sales. When we speak to other publishers about our first season with A Little Christmas Tree, they are staggered at our results, especially when they realize we were without a physical retail presence. We owe these results to CXmybiz and Mike’s incredible checklist.

Michael Bast

Co-owner, Rancho Allegre Publications LLC

Mike is a CX pro. And that may not mean much to an entrepreneur, so let me define: he helps you measure the experience your leads, prospects, and customers are having and how its impacting your revenue and costs – for good or bad. And he’s a master at helping you design experiences and architect the technical aspects to make a reality that scales consistently and produces meaningful business results. That usually means more revenue, happier customers, higher customer lifetime value, and lower churn.

What is so special about Mike is his ability to understand the business needs, the marketing and sales tactics, and translate that to all the uber technical stuff to make it work. He’s a CX and sales and marketing unicorn. B2B or B2C, Small, Medium, or Enterprise. I’ve never met anyone like him.

Justin MacDonald

President, Sixth Division

Mike is a customer whisperer. Between his passion and his knowledge, he can’t help but share great advice on customer experience everywhere he goes. Mike knows how to leverage your customers feedback and behaviour in a way that will take your business and product to the next level. Stephanie Holmes Winton

Founder & CEO, The Money Finder

Mike is exceptional when it comes to getting results through customer experience efforts. He took the time to completely understand my business and then we rolled up our sleeves and together we mapped out the ideal journey that I wanted my customers to experience. I left feeling an increased confidence in not only my next steps but an excitement to see the plan come together – and then I executed the plan and have had great feedback from my customers, like clockwork!!

Mike has a great ability to help you see your goals and then put the plan in place to accomplish those goals, while successfully holding you accountable. He has been necessary for my business and customer path. He’s moved some mountains with me that I would have otherwise put off for too long. I recommend Mike and CXmybiz if you are looking to get results!

Stephanie Hitchins

Founder & CEO, ShopBlondee

I wanted to give a shoutout to Mike Hilton for sitting me down and telling me we were going to create a killer Black Friday 2018 sale last week.

Within 1 hour Mike had created a simple funnel, identified the perfect marriage of tools for my business (Infusionsoft being one of the most powerful), and was ultimately able to help me realize an additional $10k for my business in one weekend. I would have never been able to do this in such a short amount of time on my own.

Mike deserves a HUGE shoutout for making such a big difference for me, and I now see the value in using Infusionsoft to create amazing growth in my business. He’s Awesome!

Kelly Householder

Owner, DragonDXF

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